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April 2024 School Board Recognitions

At their April 15 regular meeting, the Joshua ISD Board of Trustees recognized many members of the JISD family.

The Board recognized the Joshua ISD Special Olympics participants and coaches. Team members recognized were: Jaxon Lee, Jonathan Trout, Athan Spratley, Cade Johnson, Evan Vawter, Raelynn Morrow, Valery Munoz, Bryan Luce, Garrett Cox, Miranda Campbell, Jaxon Spratley, Tyler Goetz and Cadyn Stroud.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions-JISD Special Olympics

The Board recognized the 79 Math and ELAR teachers who received a Teacher Incentive Allotment designation. These educators are the first JISD cohort to be submitted to the state for this designation. Teachers recognized were: Courtney Davidson, Kellie Martin, Misty Pritchett, Kayce Smith, Kimberly Brooks, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Carol Klein, Amber Turner, Melanie McBride, Barbie Pollard, Valarie Ruth-Short, Amy Sharp, Jessica Esqueda, Laurell Ibarra, Lorena Ortiz, Melanie Moseley, Anais Gomez, Stacey Moore, Estefana Limas, Erika Hernandez, Janey Mendoza, Cindy Loewe, Kailey Curlee, Haley Fogarty, Joie Bryant, Robin Dieter, Leecia Kovach, Emily Gillmore, Lauren Everett, Victoria Bardwell, Tracy Jowers, Kayla Rickman, Micah Gutierrrez, Morgan Phillips, Janelle Rose, Diana Moore, Brandi Rush, Natalie Blaylock, Amanda Pennell, Tamara Vogelgesang, Lauren Turner, Jill Alexander, Melissa Thompson, Jaime Dooley, Christine Plowman, Mandy McCoy, Brooke Harraid, Merlina Stinson, Elizabeth Gleason, Amy Tigner, Ambyr Hill, Mikayla Glenn, Tamara Bush, Chelsey Packard, Lexie Hoffman, D'Ann Blackburn, Shannon Kelly, Holli Vargas, Rachel Watson, Elizabeth Smith, Melissa Cadle, Connie Brown, Angela Sigmon, Mandi Weber, Robin Cain, Wendy Tomchesson, Brenda Tanner, Irene Casillas, Julie Wood, Stephanie Ball, Mindy Stanley, Cyndi Kappas, Alicia Batley, Karla Paul, Thaddaeus Goodling, Michelle Connelly, Jennifer Cates, Emily Rollen and Craig Cline.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- TIA Teachers

The Board recognized Loflin Middle School 8th grader Nolan Girtz for winning the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation scholarship for his essay about the Most Impactful Person in his life.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- Nolan Girtz

The Board recognized Caddo Grove Elementary staff member Michael DiBartolomeo for his exemplary courage and quick thinking that resulted in saving a young student’s life who was choking.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- CGE Teacher

The Board recognized the Lady Owls Varsity Soccer Team for their successful season which earned them their 16th consecutive playoff appearance. The Lady Owls are Bi-District Champions, Area Champions and a Regional Quarterfinalist. Team Members recognized were: Coach Jeff Brooks, Danna Clark, Lauren Ellis, Kynli Miller, Kennedy Gortney, Lexi Vejarano, Hannah Day, Isla McDaniel, Abigale Miller, Cori Hunnel, Avery Gortney, Gracie Davis, Paola Sierra, Caitlyn Combs, Esmi Rodriguez, Emma Freeman, Dillyn Hammons, Maddy Bourzikas, Kameron Tatum and Kaitlyn Rush.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- Lady Owls Soccer

The Board recognized the boys and girls powerlifters who qualified and competed at the THSPA and THSWPA State Championships. The powerlifters were: Samit Jackson, Javier Pena, Noah Newman, Kendall Criner, Jazmyne Brown, Ashlynn Evans, Morgan Collier and Maddi Valles.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- JHS Powerlifters

The Board recognized board member Gene Loflin for his years of dedicated service to the staff and students in Joshua ISD during his 13 years as a trustee. The board wishes Mr. Loflin well in his future endeavors.

4-15-24SchoolBoardRecognitions- Mr. Loflin